About Us

mXs Productions specializes in content creation for 3rd parties to use to promote locations or events that involve outdoor or action sports related content. In addtion, mXs also creates our own in house content that is free to watch for everyone that showcases the fun, personal growth, and friendships that can be had through action sports while promoting our own apparel and gear products. Based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, mXs Productions was born out of the passion of filming skateboard videos with founder Evan Johnson and athlete/ editor Willy Schmitt.  Our goal now is to continue to create video parts for everyone to watch in an effort to spark inspiration and get people to go outside, ride, and have fun! 


Meet the incredible athletes behind our video parts


Willy Schmitt | MTB

Our original mountain bike athlete and editor. There's no better man behind the camera and always an inspiration to watch on the bike. When he's not ripping trails, he enjoys making YouTube videos on his personal channel, Whitefish-Willy.


Brice Sundquist | Motocross

Our first motocross athlete. At the young age of 7 Brice was introduced to his first dirt bike and has been riding ever since. His current bike is a 2023 KTM 450. Brice's favorite track at the moment is Xmas Motorsports Park.


Justyn Parks-Watkins | Skateboarding

The first skateboarder on the team. When it's too cold out to skate, Justyn enjoys snowboarding and watching anime in his freetime. He has recently graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor's for HR management.


Rahim Elgammal | Skateboarding

From the town of Mt. Pleasent, Michigan, Rahim is the second skateboarder on the team. With hopes of going pro one day, skateboarding is his main passion. In his free time he enjoys making music with his band, Sticks. 


Tyler Racicot | ATV Racing

The first ATV dirt and ice racing athlete. When he's not practicing at his backyard track you can find him in the garage doing maintenance or building his powder coating business with his brother. 


Evan Johnson | Owner

The founder of mXs Productions. With a passion for action sports it was only natural to start mXs. Whether building a new dirt jump with his friends or skating alone until it's dark there's nothing else he'd rather be doing.